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Help Protect Yosemite's Bears

Support Yosemite Conservancy to help Keep Bears Wild today and for future generations.

Support Yosemite Conservancy

Yosemite’s iconic and beloved black bears are a true symbol of wilderness and represent the need to protect wild places. We all have a role to play in ensuring these charismatic, curious forest-dwellers can continue to grow, forage and roam in the Yosemite Wilderness. With your help, future generations will be able to see bears not in campgrounds or parking lots, but sauntering through meadows, climbing trees, crunching acorns or clawing insects out of tree bark, as wild animals in their natural habitat.

Yosemite Conservancy, the park’s philanthropic partner, has provided more than $81 million in grants to Yosemite National Park to help preserve and protect Yosemite today and for future generations. Yosemite Conservancy’s unwavering support has been instrumental in the continued success of protecting Yosemite’s bears. In addition to providing funding for over 2,000 bear-proof food lockers at campgrounds, trailheads, and parking lots throughout the park, Yosemite Conservancy provides ongoing funding for the Bear Team’s high-tech monitoring equipment, research, staffing, education and outreach (including this website!), and so much more.

Preventing and reducing human-bear incidents is crucial to protecting Yosemite’s bears, but Yosemite Conservancy and Yosemite National Park’s Bear Team cannot protect this iconic species alone. With your support, they can continue their important work to Keep Bears Wild today and for future generations.

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